Bering Straits Information Technology provides a wide range of services to a vast customer base. Below are some examples of past and current contracts:

• Farm Service Agency Project Management, Federal Enterprise Architecture, Quality Control and Common Solutions Technical Support for the United States Department of Agriculture
• Research Laboratory Building Renovations at Aberdeen Providing Ground ,Maryland for the U.S. Army
• NTIA Public Safety Interoperable Communications Grant Program with the Department of Homeland Security
• Information Systems Security Support Services for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, Office of Science and Technology
• Backorder Reduction Services for the Defense Supply Center
• Land Mobile Radio System Management and Maintenance
• Integrated Operations and Management Services for the ALMR System
• Relocation Services for the U.S. Army Surface Deployment and Distribution Command
• Automated Intersite Gateway and Corporate Data Repository System Services
• Joint Deficiency Reporting System Support
• Engineering Support for the Defense Information Systems Agency ECOS
• DHS OEC Public Safety Interoperable Communications Consulting
• Building Renovation for the Army Research Lab
• Renovation of Directed Energy Division Office at Army Research Lab
• Management, Operations, and Engineering of E-Mail Operations for the Department of State
• ADP and Telecommunications Planning Support for the Department of State
• BRAC Management Consultant for the Defense Supply Center
• Software Testing and Programming and Instructional Design and Development Services for the U.S. Census Bureau