Inuit Services Incorporated (ISI) has been committed to expanding our base of business to include government services, environmental, and construction contracting both in and outside of Alaska.  To market and provide those services, ISI has a complement of professional staff holding proven backgrounds and success in those fields.  We are also able to commit other resources within BSNC’s family of companies, when necessary, to further ensure our success of marketing and subsequent performance in this expansion effort.

For commercial and government customers, we provide:

• Facilities operations and maintenance
• Base Operating Support Services
• Logistics support services
• Administrative support services

ISI’s experience is diverse both in type of work completed and in logistical support necessary for contract performance in both local and remote applications.  Our efforts have been quite successful in all situations, exceeding customer requirements under those typically harsh conditions found in the Arctic regions of Alaska and other extreme locations. Our understanding of detailed planning and execution of contracts requiring complex and difficult mobilization and performance has provided us with a strong and favorable reputation from clients as a full service provider.  Our staff have planned and managed contracts for services and construction at many locations throughout the world. This experience base of ISI staff is an addition to performance provided at various defense and government installations throughout the continental United States.