Paragon and our sister companies have successfully negotiated numerous sole source contracts with our Government customers. Under 13 CFR 124.311(b), Alaska Native Corporation 8(a)s have unlimited sole source capability. Furthermore, FAR 19.805-1.2.b.2 stipulates that the $3M limit for 8(a) sole source contracts does not apply to Native American Tribes or Alaska Native Corporations and cannot be protested.

This procurement method benefits all parties involved by streamlining the acquisition process as well as saving the Government time and money by not having to review numerous proposals and deal with delays caused by possible protests.

Using our partnering methodology and fostering an “open book” relationship with our Government counterparts, the customer is guaranteed the ability to negotiate a fair and reasonable price, with none of the uncertainties associated with the competitive process alternative.

Benefits of a Sole Source Contract Are:
Negotiated Statement of Work: The government and Paragon can work together to negotiate a Statement of Work so that clear objectives are mutually defined by all parties involved – this ensures that scope is achievable, lowers program risk, and fosters improved communication between parties even before contract start.

Negotiated Pricing: Pricing can be negotiated between parties – this allows for direct and honest communication with our government and partners which in turn improves performance quality and success!

Shortened Procurement Time: Workload for procurement activities can be consolidated or eliminated entirely – this saves money (on average 20%) on procurement costs AND shortens the procurement cycle to 1-3 months compared with 12 to 14 months for a normal acquisition.

Uninterrupted Operations: Current workforce is uninterrupted because Paragon can execute a planned workforce transfer if a direct award is made.