Global Asset Technologies (GAT) offers expertise and technical solutions for:

  • Training: GAT is currently providing training to various DoS and US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) entities. With more than 350 training professionals and instructors, GAT provides a broad range of training expertise ranging from international police peacekeeping capacity building, foreign government policing, firearms use, military parachute/free-fall and counter surveillance. Additionally, GAT works closely with the United Nations (UN) and regional organizations to enhance doctrine, policy and planning. We also provide comprehensive training for basic trauma medicine, medical-screening services, first aid and other treatment training.
  • Medical Support: As part of our existing training contracts, GAT provides medics and paramedics for trauma instruction and to maintain medical coverage for all nearly all of our training activities. They are also present during firing-range days and other high-risk activities to provide as-needed medical support and trauma care.
  • Construction: Through our sister companies, GAT has extensive experience performing diverse construction work ranging from ice-resistant sea walls in remote locations of the Arctic to a $105 million hospital. We can provide complete construction and design-build construction services. When required, GAT’s sister companies are able to provide Base Operating Support Service (BOSS) work on a worldwide basis.
  • Air Lift: GAT owns the only two commercially available C-23B+ Super Sherpa aircraft, a light military transport aircraft designed to operate efficiently in a wide range of mission configurations. GAT’s C-23B+ airplane meets Army Short Take-off and Landing (STOL) guidelines, can operate from unpaved runways and is equipped with self-contained ground handling equipment.
  • Logistics: From managing food, lodging, materials or labor resources, GAT stands apart from other companies in terms of logistics coordination and our excellent customer-service reputation. Our ability to deliver powerful technical resources, vibrant corporate support and remarkable management talent means that we know how to work together successfully with customers who demand exceptional quality.
  • Executive Security: GAT has expertise relating to executive-level security services in high-threat and high-profile environments for a wide range of situations through our team member. We are capable of assembling the best team in the world for any contingency requirement or protective situation.
  • Armed Security: GAT has the capacity to provide complete security services, including Roving Guard services, Interior Patrol services, Building Checks, Escort and Courier services (scheduled and unscheduled), Crowd Control, Waterborne Patrol and Entry Control Point (ECP) services.