Paragon Project Experience

Since its inception, Paragon has worked for multiple private, commercial, and federal clients.

Several of our key projects are described below.

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Remedial Action Construction—Site Closeout at DA001, Former Radio Relay Station (RRS) Dump Site Duncan Canal, AK
Customer: Air Force Civil Engineering Center
Contract Value: $6.25M
Completion Year: In Progress

Project Description: Paragon was tasked with the removal of 3,300 tons of contaminated soil and debris from a dump site associated with the former RRS. The site, located approximately 2,500 feet above mean sea level, was located along a steep slope. Not only did our team have to take extra precautions to perform the work along the steep slope, but also had to make adjustments in the field to capture and treat runoff generated from near record rainfall. In addition, we coordinated with multiple stakeholders, including significant public engagement due to private holdings near the barge landing on the beach. We were able to successfully overcome these challenges, complete the work within the 2017 weather window, and conduct an additional removal effort at a second site that was not in the original scope in the same field season.

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Spill Response and Associated Support Activities
Customer: Fort Wainwright, AK
Contract Value: $7.5M
Completion Year: In Progress

Project Description: As part of this contract, Paragon responds to new and historical spills and releases on Fort Wainwright and other associated Army properties. Project work includes preparation of a base-wide work plan as well as site specific work plans and follow-on reports. Field tasks range from investigating releases to include: drums and debris removal; contaminated soil excavation, sampling and disposal; waste characterization and confirmation soil sampling; soil boring advancement; groundwater monitoring well installation and sampling; geophysical surveys support; and ordnance/explosives support. To date, we have responded to several fuel and motor oil spills, hauled material, collected confirmation and characterization samples, and performed site restoration activities.

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Project Title: Red Devil Mine, 2017 Landspread Remediation Area Progress Monitoring
Customer: Bureau of Land Management, Alaska State Office
Contract Value: $26K
Completion year: 2018

Project Description: As part of this project, Paragon prepared two work plans for conducting progress monitoring of petroleum-contaminated soil and explosives-contaminated soil. Using multi-incremental sampling methods, Paragon collected soil samples from five decision units (4 for petroleum; 1 for explosives). The data collected from this sampling effort allowed Paragon to recommend cleanup complete for two out of five decision units. Collecting multi-incremental soil samples from one of the decision units.

Lovell FMP ARSR & Keno FMP ARSR Equipment Garage Floor Drain Closure and Release Investigation
Customer: Federal Aviation Administration, Western Service Area
Contract Value: $59K
Completion Year: In Progress

Project Description: Paragon has been tasked with collecting environmental samples to determine if past uses of these facilities have released contaminants to site soil and groundwater. As part of this effort, Paragon drained the lines and managed the offsite transportation and disposal of the drain contents. Information collected as part of these efforts will be shared with the state regulatory agencies to determine if the sites require additional information to achieve site closure.

Environmental Compliance Support
Customer: Hilcorp Alaska, LLC
Contracts Value: $130K
Completion Year: In Progress

Project Description: Paragon assists Hilcorp Alaska with compliance and permitting tasks, including the preparation of RCRA biennial reports, AOGCC Annual Reporting, UIC Injection Well Permitting, EPA Facility Identification Updates, and ADEC Solid Waste Permitting. Environmental compliance support in the field includes offshore rotational work on Oil and Gas Platforms in Cook Inlet. Responsibilities include assisting facilities with ongoing environmental compliance tasks, waste manifesting, wildlife interactions, environmental program inventories, completing environmental inspections (SPCC, SWPPP, waste storage and accumulation areas), providing environmental training, visible emission readings, assisting with non-compliance investigations and agency inspections, and preparing weekly reports of activities.