Point of Use and Logistics Process Automation
Bering Straits Logistics Services (BSLS) utilizes leading-edge technology to enhance its capabilities in materiel management through Point-of-Use and AutoCrib Automated Inventory Control System, (such as vending machines, tool cribs, cabinets, etc).

AutoCrib ensures positive inventory control and enable point-of-use dispensing. With these sophisticated inventory solutions systems, we integrate the latest technology in materiel management. The result is 100-percent asset accountability and availability, and the required materiel is always there when you need it—right parts, right place, right time.

Warehousing and Storage Systems
BSLS is dedicated to providing our clients with the most efficient, cost-effective and versatile storage systems available. We are industry leaders in the design and installation of warehouse storage systems for providing streamlined asset visibility and control. We specialize in innovating space utilization, customizing storage designs, thereby maximizing warehouse usage.

We believe the most sophisticated warehouses encompass not only square footage floor space, but also cubic feet. We focus on providing facility layouts that correlate with inventory demand to determine the most efficient means of acquiring tools and materiel.