Bering Straits Logistics Services (BSLS) helps you gain control of your supply chain and create a strategic advantage for your enterprise by bridging the gap between corporate goals and its’ individual locations.

[iconheading type=”h1″ style=”fa fa-sitemap” color=”#a65a5b”]OUR PROGRAMS[/iconheading]

Our programs are designed to improve upon corporate initiatives while exceeding local servicing expectations. BSLS will identify the key priorities and achieve results in:

Inventory Reduction, Cost Savings, Product/Vendor Standardization, Technology Implementations, Warranty Management, Technical Service, Management Reporting, Communication

BSLS can manage oversee your entire Indirect Materiel management program. Our services address every aspect of the Supply Chain Management including:

Tool Crib Management, Point of Use, Inventory Management, Requisitioning, Sourcing, Procurement, Logistics-Summary Billing, Vendor Management, Report Generation/Analysis

Together, we will plan the solution for your organization, detail the implementation steps, and lead the Supply Chain Management process at each location.