“It is a pleasure working with supply professionals who are committed to quality and dedicated toward streamlining efficiencies.” ~ Mr. Charles L. Breneman, 3rd LRS Quality Assurance Evaluator

“…vast improvement (over the previous contractor) in management and leadership.” ~ Lt Col Tom Trumbull, 3rd LRS Commander, 2007

“This (WRM) program is exceptional. Supply personnel meticulously manage the shelf life control plan. WRM assets are clearly marked and identified by NSN, and the on-hand amount for each line item is on a sign at the end of each isle. The continuity book has all required items and is well organized.” ~ Lt Col Steve Blizzard, 3rd MSG/CC, 2006

“… performance for the first three years of this contract is highlighted with ratings of ‘Excellent.’ To date, service delivery summary evaluations average 99.8% for an ‘Excellent’ contract performance grade.” ~ 2008 CPARS

“Mobility Bag Management was exceptional, which contributed to the effective deployment of personnel (Best Seen to Date)” ~ HQ PACAF INSPECTOR GENERAL ORI, 2009

“The LRS/LGRMCW personnel have a strong working knowledge of the space and storage procedures which is translated into the actual work environment. Their mask receipt, inspection, mechanical testing, and documentation process is one of the best seen to date.” ~ Joint Equipment Assessment Unit Team Lead, 2009