Personnel Security Detail

Bering Straits Logistics Services (BSLS) along with its partners have provided Security personal around the world for over 20 years. Our personnel include, but are not limited to: Counter Assault Teams, EDD K-9 Teams, and/or Designated Defensive Marksman Teams.

We along our partners operate in accordance with DS PRS Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). We  have recruited, screened (to DS Standards), trained, and deployed Personal throughout the world.

K9 Security and Executive Protection

We have  a long history of KP Security we provide Military Trained handlers and years of past performance to our clients. Our K9 units can provide Explosive Detection services, conduct Narcotics searches, or can be used as a protective service detail asset for team and principal protection. Our K9 units will protect their principal at all costs.

Fearless and unrelenting, these K9’s will perform regardless of circumstances, and yet are stable and friendly enough to play with your children or work in crowded, busy environments without fear or risk of inappropriate behavior from the animals.

Most of our K9 teams are cross trained and can conduct both protective service missions as well as detection searches. These teams provide unique and invaluable services to our clients, and can be used for both long and short term missions to ensure continual safety under even the most high risk conditions.

Logistics & Procurement

We have over 30 years of product procurement and transportation, and have serviced locations around the globe.

Including: Housing, Weapons, Vehicles, Armored Vehicles, Aircraft, Rations, Clothing, Construction Equipment, Sustainment Supplies, Training Programs and Supplies, Human Resource Materials, All Personnel Supplies and Services: IE Internet and Telephone Systems, Satellite Services.

Construction & Maintenance

We have performed construction services, and Maintenance Services on every continent and in every country in the world.

The Department of State has awarded over 300 Construction Contracts to our Team.

We currently provide Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance on every Army Base in the world.
We’ve provided construction services inside and outside the wire in hostile situations globally.


BSLS along with our partners have provided aviation support in the Middle East, South America, and North America. We currently hold fixed and rotary wing contracts with DOD and DOS.

We procure, maintain, and pilot our own fleet of aircraft. We have Airfields in the Middle East, North and South America and provide Airfield Availability in the Pacific Rim Islands.