As an organization primarily comprised of retired military logistics experts who love what they do, the men and women of Bering Straits Logistics Services (BSLS) are committed to ensuring our Customers receive unparalleled supply logistics support.

Our dedicated and competent Technicians will coordinate with your M.I.S. (Management Information System) Department will and provide on-site training forof machine operators and other key personnel.

Uninterrupted 24-hour access to the tools and supplies you require to perform your job is our highest priority. This is accomplished by monitoring usage trends, inventory levels, and verification of hardware operation by highly trained Inventory Managers on a DAILY basis. Timely responsiveness to your needs is paramount.

BSLS is committed to long-term process improvements, for large and small companies alike. We provide our customers with: preferred brand-name itemss, better pricing, access to new and innovative brands, 24 / 7 accessibility to tooling and supplies, and reduced processing and indirect costs.

BSLS provides our systems, designed for your facility and all of its cost saving benefits, for a minimum monthly purchase commitment – no other investment is required.

BSLS is your total services provider. Whether your needs entail On Site, dedicated Indirect Materiels Management staffing, or short-term project advisement resources, our professional staff is the best available. We’ll design your solution for your needs including:

  • Inventory Services-Catalog Building-Materiel Validation-ABC Analysis
  • Tool Crib Reorganization-Point of Use Design and Installation
  • Supply Chain Advisement -Tool Stores Management
  • On Site and/or Centralized personnel-Technology Implementations
  • Process Design and Improvement

Throughout the process, BSLS reps meet with your organization to discuss areas of improvement and further cost savings. By using a team approach, we are able to provide comprehensive supply and inventory solutions to lower operating costs. At BSLS, we believe in doing more than simply delivering industrial supplies – our ultimate goal is to improve efficiencies and add value to our customers’ businesses.