Materiel Integration

Point of Use and Logistics Process Automation Bering Straits Logistics Services (BSLS) utilizes leading-edge technology to enhance its capabilities in materiel management through Point-of-Use and AutoCrib Automated Inventory Control System, (such as vending machines, tool cribs, cabinets, etc). AutoCrib ensures … Read More

Materiel Support

As an organization primarily comprised of retired military logistics experts who love what they do, the men and women of Bering Straits Logistics Services (BSLS) are committed to ensuring our Customers receive unparalleled supply logistics support. Our dedicated and competent … Read More

Facility O&M

Bering Straits Logistic Services (BSLS)  has a proven and impeccable record of consistently providing high quality services to our customers. From phase-in to management, administration and successful completion of our contracts, BSLS has earned a reputation of being a professional, partnering … Read More


Beginning with a detailed discovery process identifying and cataloging item information, through the implementation of Point of Use, Automated Dispensing and Tool Crib Reorganization activities, Bering Straits Logistics Services (BSLS) can ensure that your materiel is available where you need … Read More


Personnel Security Detail Bering Straits Logistics Services (BSLS) along with its partners have provided Security personal around the world for over 20 years. Our personnel include, but are not limited to: Counter Assault Teams, EDD K-9 Teams, and/or Designated Defensive … Read More


Bering Straits Logistics Services (BSLS) helps you gain control of your supply chain and create a strategic advantage for your enterprise by bridging the gap between corporate goals and its’ individual locations. [iconheading type=”h1″ style=”fa fa-sitemap” color=”#a65a5b”]OUR PROGRAMS[/iconheading] Our programs … Read More


Bering Straits Logistics Services (BSLS Bering Straits Logistics Services (BSLS) is the premier choice for providing DoD and U.S. Military logistics solutions. We are committed to ensuring that our customers consistently receive nothing less than the highest standards of first-class … Read More

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